Universe Bus

First class all the way

Luxury beyond imagination

The modern and simple front design of the Universe represents its originality.

Trustworthy reliability and durability

We prioritize dynamic performance, maximizing your business profits through the Universe’s economical operation.

Superior noise, vibration and harshness engineering

Every noise and vibration had been traced, with emphasis on eliminating N.V.H from the design stages. Also features air suspensions, and aerodynamic and highly rigid integral body.


Black bezel head lamp (Standard Decker)
Rear combination lamp
Integrated air conditioner
Swing-out type entrance door
Plenty of space for your first class travel
Swing-out type middle door
Front / Rear aluminum wheel
Rear bumper with reverse warning system (OPT)
Stylish 3 section Wide outside rear view mirror
Streamlined front bumper and fog lamp (High Decker)