Service Manager

Major Responsibility Areas (Describe the major responsibilities of the position)

– Delegating and directing service tasks, monitoring the progress of current projects, and managing service team members to ensure the team’s objectives and sales goals are met.

– Handling customer complaints or concerns quickly and professionally to maintain good customer relationships and ensure repeat customers.

– Assisting with or performing administrative tasks, such as managing and finalizing invoices, processing new orders, and tracking parts inventory.

– Setting up and maintaining a working process and evaluating its efficiency.

– Monitoring department issues and client complaints to create methods to lessen recurring issues.

– Auditing work and customer service to ensure the company’s high standards, efficiency, and productivity goals are met.

– Maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers, dealers, and Sales Representatives.

– Helping to train new employees in company procedures. Conduct training regularly to Staff.

– Maintaining a strong working knowledge of industry regulations, restrictions, and laws, ensuring the company’s adherence to these regulations, and remaining current on the industry’s standards and new innovations, materials, tools, and processes.

– Weekly / Monthly base reporting to Top management, establish KPI for service & parts team, propose new strategies monthly to achieve target

Qualifications, skills, and Experience Requirement

– A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Administration, or related field.

– Previous sales and management experience may be advantageous.

– Strong industry knowledge.

– Excellent leadership, communication, sales, and customer service skills.

– Computer literacy and good organizational skills.

– Strong creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

– The ability to work under pressure and handle stress.

– Respect local culture and self-involve with different situation

How to Apply?

Interest candidates please submit CV, Cover letter to Hyundai Showroom or apply now to this Email

– Address: 27 Preah Monivong Blvd (93), Phnom Penh

– Contact: HR Department


– Tel: 093 71 91 74
– Location: Phnom Penh