Around the world in Aerotown

-A family traveled half-around the world with converted Aerotown over 2 years
-Hyundai Truck & Bus supported the repair and maintenance with quick response
After converting his Aerotown into a camping-car, Mr. Curtat traveled around the world with his family and recorded the journey in the Facebook page. (
Mr. Curtat was especially satisfied with his choice of Aerotown during his trip.
Period: February, 2015 ~ May, 2017 (2.5 years)
Route: Cambodia-Australia-New Zealand-The USA-Canada-Mexico-Central America-Europe
“Since the beginning, I felt the Aerotown was a great choice: easy to work with; many equipment could be easily removed; all was fairly accessible; the structure was straightforward. And I love driving it!”
To help him repair the bus for future journey, Hyundai Truck & Bus provided the manuals & parts catalogues while arranging the export of necessary mechanical parts.